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Please excuse my language in the following post, I can't help it, this makes me so angry.

I don't believe this, oh how I hate, hate, hate the Labour government. I finally found what exactly 'probationary citizenship' is. This is another one of those stupid immigration laws Labour wants to impose on migrants, but this one just takes the cake. We(migrants) are being put on probation, the same damn kind the criminals get! We have to complete what they call 'civic activities' or 'active citizenship', it's forced voluntary work basically. Giving back to the community and integrating they call it. Did I mention that they also expect us to support ourselves at the same time? We are not allowed to claim benefits of any kind, but we have to find a job, pay taxes and do voluntary work. In other words, I will never get a day off as I will have to work a full time job to support myself and work Saturdays and Sundays doing volunteer work. Also meaning I will hardly get to see or spend time with my fiance. That's what upsets me the most about this, I won't physically have time to be my loved ones, that hurts. Us migrants will also be monitored to ensure that we are doing 'active citizenship' and if we commit any crimes, they will slow down or stop citizenship applications all together. This is the same damn stuff they do to criminals, minus the electronic tags! Only difference is we are on probation because we might break the law, not because we have. Or maybe, according to the government, we have commited a crime, the crime of being born in Britain or a country that is part of the EEA. I hate those bastards, they suck.
I will get citizenship despite what they're doing and I will vote their arse out of power.

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