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Found countdown timers for the two books I'm anticipating most this year:

Wheel of Time:

The Way of Kings:

Feeling kinda crappy today, got a nasty cold I think. My nose has been driving me crazy all day with congestion and sinus headaches. Trying to distract myself by watching updates on the hung parliament. Labour and Lib Dem talks have fallen through, so no Lib/Lab pact. Looking like Cameron will be PM. Just a question of whether he gets his Con/Lib pact or forms a minority government.
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One last entry for the night, before I go to bed and wake up to find out which loopy politician we got stuck with as PM.....

david cameron, nick clegg, gordon brown
see more Political Pictures

Perhaps this doesn't bode well? We shall see in the morning.
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Barack Obama won the election! YES!!!!!! I'm so relieved and really happy with the result. :D *dance gleefully*
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The day of the US election is here and I am really nervous. I really want Obama to win, I think he's got it together a lot better than McCain, who has, as it seems to me anyway, spent much of his time slandering and libeling his opponent rather than getting down to the business of promoting his policies. Plus whoever sits in the White House affects the rest of the world and I don't think that having another 4 Republican years under McCain is advisable. Plus Sarah Palin scares the crap out of me with her naivete and love of power.

If McCain wins, I'll be moving to another.............oh wait, I already did that. :P Well my mother said she would certainly move to Europe if that was the case.

Here hoping for an Obama victory and a one where the Reps don't try to fix the vote.

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