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Found countdown timers for the two books I'm anticipating most this year:

Wheel of Time:

The Way of Kings:

Feeling kinda crappy today, got a nasty cold I think. My nose has been driving me crazy all day with congestion and sinus headaches. Trying to distract myself by watching updates on the hung parliament. Labour and Lib Dem talks have fallen through, so no Lib/Lab pact. Looking like Cameron will be PM. Just a question of whether he gets his Con/Lib pact or forms a minority government.
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Just a few random things I've been asking myself in the last 24 hours.....

1. Why did I stay up till 2 am last night reading the final Mistborn book? I haven't stayed up that late reading in a few years.

2. I had no idea how hard it is to start writing a novel, even if it is just for myself. How the hell do you start?

3. When are the tv channels going to stop showing those god-awful reality shows and put on some decent dramas/documentaries?

4. I'm currently wearing a tank top and jeans. So why are my legs freezing cold, when my arms are not?

5. Why does my mum-in-law keep asking me when my parents are coming over? If I've told her once, I've told her at least 5 times already. Write it down!!

That is all.

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