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Just a few random things I've been asking myself in the last 24 hours.....

1. Why did I stay up till 2 am last night reading the final Mistborn book? I haven't stayed up that late reading in a few years.

2. I had no idea how hard it is to start writing a novel, even if it is just for myself. How the hell do you start?

3. When are the tv channels going to stop showing those god-awful reality shows and put on some decent dramas/documentaries?

4. I'm currently wearing a tank top and jeans. So why are my legs freezing cold, when my arms are not?

5. Why does my mum-in-law keep asking me when my parents are coming over? If I've told her once, I've told her at least 5 times already. Write it down!!

That is all.
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Take the Who Should You Vote For? England quiz

Liberal Democrat61
UK Independence9

You expected: LIB

Your recommendation: Green/Liberal Democrat

Click here for more details about these results

Unsurprising, seeing as I plan to vote Lib Dem anyway. Didn't realise I had so much in common with the Green party though.

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Just finished watching the debate. I think Nick Clegg came out on top once again. Why was it that he always had to remind the other two what the origingal question was when they wandered off on tangents? He must have freaked them out last week because Brown and Cameron tried to rip him to shreds.

I did find it funny on the immigration that Clegg was the only one talking about what he would do about the illegals already living here.

And how come Sky keep talking to Labour spin politicians and Tory politicians and hardly any Lib Dems? Biased much. :P

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